Ministry to children and youth

Grace Kids

Grace Kids Teachers

Jesus loves the kids on the Coast and he died to save them! Each weekend all the kids get together with a team of teachers and get and get stuck into the Word of God to remember and learn about this amazing truth.

All our teachers involved in leading, teaching and caring for children and youth are well-trained, have completed Child Protection Training within the past three years and have current NSW Working With Children Checks verified by Grace Church Peninsula.

Process for authorisation of an SRE teacher:

Prior to initial authorisation a teacher will:

  1. Complete the Grace Church Ministry application form.
  2. Have their WWC number “cleared” by church.
  3. Read the Grace Church Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Youth.
  4. Complete the Safe Ministry Leader Training Module.
  5. Meet with the Church SRE coordinator to read and understand the SRE Teacher Handbook.

To renew authorisation

  1. The Church SRE coordinator will confirm that the WWC clearance is still valid.
  2. The SRE teacher will re- read the Grace Church Code of Conduct for working with Children/ Youth
  3. Meet with the Church SRE Coordinator to review the teacher’s understanding of the content of the SRE Teacher Handbook.

Primary School Scripture Curriculum and Training

Grace Church uses curriculum from CEP Connect and GodSpace. A full explanation of the teaching material can be found at CEP Connect or GodSpace.

Grace Church is committed to the ongoing training of our Scripture Teachers. This list outlines the training courses offered to our teachers.

Other approved SRE programs.

At the beginning of each calendar year all curriculum will be reviewed for suitability by the EV SRE Coordinator.

For further information about SRE programs please contact EV SRE Coordinator at [email protected].

High School Scripture

The syllabus is divided into 8 lessons, 2 per term. Each lesson raises an idea or question and seeks insight from the Bible in answering it. The lessons are structured with questions and samples of the Bible, which students give written responses to, and if they like they can then share their response with the class for discussion.

God is…

  1. What’s God got to do with me – Does understanding God matter? Explores what the Bible says about whether God has anything to do with your life?
  2. God is… Creator – Explores what the Bible says about the creation of the world.
  3. God is… Ruler – Explores the place of God in the world.
  4. God is… Judge – Reflects on the world, and what it would look like without any justice then reflects on the justice of God.
  5. God is… Merciful – Reflects on the mercy and grace of God.
  6. God is… Saviour – Reflects on the relationship between God and man.
  7. Who is God to you? After thinking about who the Bible says God is, reflect on what that means for us.

Complaints Process

  1. If a parent has a concern or question about SRE they are best to approach their child’s classroom teacher.
  2. The Classroom teacher will then contact the SRE teacher or Protestant SRE Coordinator to discuss the complaint.
    • If the complaint can be easily resolved the classroom teacher will inform the parent of the resolution. The SRE teacher informs the Grace Church SRE Coordinator of the complaint and it’s resolution. If possible it is best that this be done within 7 days.
    • If the complaint cannot be easily resolved, the SRE teacher will contact the School Protestant SRE Coordinator and the Grace Church SRE Coordinator to seek advise. This must be done within 48 hours of the issue being raised with them. It is expected that steps be taken towards resolving the complaint within 7 days.

All SRE processes will be reviewed annually.