Leader Commitment (Code of Conduct)

Developed by www.safeministrytraining.com.au
Endorsed by Ansvar Insurance


Personal Leader Commitment

  1. I commit to conducting myself in a manner consistent with the Safe Ministry Training “Leadership Training Course” when serving at Grace Church Peninsula.;
    1. I will treat adults, children and young people with respect and value, without favouritism.
    2. I will behave appropriately, being faithful to my appointed tasks, being an example to others, and being careful in how I physically interact with others.
    3. I will never use physical punishment or abusive language – even as a form of discipline.
    4. I will act transparently, as far as possible, ensuring that another adult is present or within eyesight when I am with a vulnerable person (including other people’s children).
  2. I commit to ensuring that the spaces and activities I’m responsible for are safe and do not put people at risk of significant harm.
  3. I commit to including vulnerable people (and/or their carers/significant other) in discussions about decisions that will significantly affect them.
  4. I commit to encouraging openness by listening to people’s concerns with a willingness to support them and help them.
  5. I commit to reporting any concerns or suspicions about harmful behaviours and significant risks to the Grace Church Peninsula. Safe Ministry Contacts without bias or partiality.
  6. I will submit to the Grace Church Peninsula. leader screening process to ensure I’m a suitable person to work with vulnerable people.
  7. I will submit to disciplinary steps if I am found to violate these commitments or act in an otherwise inappropriate or illegal manner at Grace Church Peninsula.