We long to see the Peninsula reached with more and more people coming under the lordship of Jesus. And we long for every person who is part of our church family to grow into mature disciples of Jesus, closely connected with others, knowing them and being known.

How do we grow and keep intimate at the same time?

Growth Groups are the key!

Growth Groups are where you can meet each week with a small number of people, to dig into God’s Word together, discussing, growing in understanding and being challenged to change and be enriched.

Growth Groups are where you learn to love people at church in a smaller context.

Our groups meet all over the Peninsula. There are groups at night and groups that meet in the day with child care. There are groups for younger people, older people, men, women and mixed groups.

There will be a group for you!

To join a Growth Group you can;

  • Sign up during the next On Board event
  • Speak to someone at the welcome desk after one of our services
  • Or contact the office, [email protected]