Luke 19:28-44

April 13, 2014
We often find it hard to consider others before ourselves. Tim wrestles with Luke 19 to help us see who we are really serving.

Luke 19:11-27

April 6, 2014
What do we see as being successful in this life? Greg Masters unpacks the parable of the Ten Minas looking at what being successful really means.

Luke 18:9-14

March 30, 2014
Who are we more like? The proud Pharisee, or the humble tax collector? Grahame digs into the attitudes of the Pharisee and the tax collector. What motives does God desire…

Luke 17:1-10

March 16, 2014
Following Jesus in Temptation & Forgiveness Tim Baldwin reflects on the seriousness of sin & its impact on eternity. He also shares an understanding of forgiveness and how Jesus commands…

Luke 16:19-31

March 9, 2014
Following Jesus: The Reality of Hell We often don't like the idea of hell. Does it contradict God's love? Or does it work with it? What does Jesus have to…

Luke 16:1-15

March 2, 2014
Following Jesus with Our Money How do our current actions show our understanding of the future? Andrew unpacks the parable of the wise manager, whose plan for the future determined…