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Primary School Scripture Curriculum and Training

    • Grace Church uses curriculum from CEP Connect. A full explanation of the teaching material can be found at CEP Connect
    • Grace Church is committed to the ongoing training of our Scripture Teachers. This list outlines the training courses offered to our teachers.
    • Curriculum is reviewed annually.

High School Scripture Curriculum and Training

  • The syllabus is divided into 8 lessons, 2 per term. Each lesson raises an idea or question and seeks insight from the Bible in answering it. The lessons are structured with questions and samples of the Bible, which students give written responses to, and if they like they can then share their response with the class for discussion.
  • God is…
    1. What’s God got to do with me – Does understanding God matter? Explores what the Bible says about whether God has anything to do with your life?
    2. God is… Creator – Explores what the Bible says about the creation of the world.
    3. God is… Ruler – Explores the place of God in the world.
    4. God is… Judge – Reflects on the world, and what it would look like without any justice then reflects on the justice of God.
    5. God is… Merciful – Reflects on the mercy and grace of God.
    6. God is… Saviour – Reflects on the relationship between God and man.
    7. Who is God to you? After thinking about who the Bible says God is, reflect on what that means for us