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Process for training & authorisation of an SRE teacher:

Prior to initial authorisation a teacher will:

  • Complete the Grace Church Ministry application form.
  • Have their WWC number “cleared” by church.
  • Read the Grace Church Code of Conduct for Working with Children and Youth.
  • Complete the Safe Ministry Leader Training Module.
  • Complete training in classroom management, the NSW Department of Education Code of Conduct and Child Protection
  • Meet with the Church SRE coordinator to read and understand the SRE Teacher Handbook.
    • Knowledge of the Authorised Curriculum and scope and sequence
    • Delivery of the curriculum with sensitivity and in an age appropriate manner
    • Use of classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards and digital projectors.
  • Grace Church Peninsula provides a letter to the school which clearly identifies the approved provider, the name of the authorised teacher, his/her date of birth and contact details. The letter is updated annually before the start of term one or as required.

To renew authorisation:

  • The Church SRE coordinator will confirm that the WWC clearance is still valid.
  • The SRE teacher will re- read the Grace Church Code of Conduct for working with Children/ Youth
  • Meet with the Church SRE Coordinator to review the teacher’s understanding of the content of the SRE Teacher Handbook.