Summerfest 2020 | Monday 6 to Friday 10 January | 9-11:30AM

A school holiday event that’s fun for kids… and relaxing & informative for parents!

Held on-site at Umina Public School

Sydney Avenue, Umina Beach

After many years on the Central Coast, Summerfest is bringing the fun to the Peninsula with our very own Summerfest at Umina Public School, hosted by Grace Church Peninsula!

The kids will have a great morning of activities and adventure with the Summerfest kid’s program while parents can sit down, relax, and enjoy a coffee and some informative talks in the Parents Getaway Cafe. Come along to Summerfest this coming January 2020.


While your children have fun, the Parents Getaway Cafe will host a number of professionals and experts covering topics that include parenting, family, health issues, and real life stories. Sit down, relax, and enjoy.


A panel of local teahers

Helping Your Kids Make the Most of School

The world is changing, schools are changing, so the needs of our children are changing. With this in mind, how do we help our kids make the most of school?



Lee Zanone – provisional psychologist

What Parents Should Know About Anxiety

Most children at some point experience worry or fear about something. The better we understand anxiety, the better equipped we’ll be to help our children cope with the inevitable stresses of live.


Craig Dobbie – senior pastor, Grace Church Peninsula

Find Satisfaction

Leisure, travel, love, comfort. Everybody’s looking for satisfaction but is it possible, and if so, where can we find it? Amidst the disillusionment, Craig reveals a surprising answer.



Mark Hadley – scriptwriter and media reviewer

Walt Disney controls today’s family entertainment market. But as its reach grows, how well does it prepare impressionable kids for real life? Mark explains the problem and offers some needed solutions.


Margie Cohen – family counsellor

Riding the Values Rollercoaster

In an age of unprecedented change, kids are growing anxious as values and social norms shift. How can we help our kids ride the rollercoasters of change to a confident future?


Kim Parry-Jones

Families Under Fire

Relationships often mean we feel under attack or maybe we’re the ones doing the attacking! Kim tackles some battles your family may face, giving you strategies to live a more peaceful life.


Elisabeth Blik

Organic Living

Practical steps to living in harmony with your environment. Elisabeth will share ideas that are natural, sustainable, community-building and fun for how to break with our throw away culture.



Tim Barling – local doctor

A Dangerous Cocktail

Teen, drugs, alcohol and parties. Words to strike fear into the heart of any parent. How can we navigate these challenging years and help our teens make good choices? Tim will help us tacke these questions.


Kurtis McCabe – Grace Nights Pastor

Does it Matter What I Believe?

Do beliefs matter? Do they affect our family and the way we live? In a world of mixed ideas, how can I know what’s true and what works in life?


This great holiday entertainment program includes:

Games, drama, sports, singing, friendship, and lots of fun in a safe environment! All school-aged children are provided with morning tea and all should bring a hat and ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’


Don’t miss out this Summer when we join Captain Courageous on a journey to the stars and beyond. We’ll be meeting Zork from planet Fork and his intergalactic friends as they learn about someone bigger than space! Be sure to come and join in the fun.



All Lords, ladies, knights and princesses are invited to welcome the
promised king. Join our furry friend Chip for games, craft, drama and sports as he introduces us to a cast of fun friends in an awesome week of discovery. Don’t miss it!


Prince Artemais VII, is in line to inherit the throne of his kingdom and he’s come to us for help. Join us as we help him discover what a great king is by looking at the best king ever. There’ll be games, songs, mess and fun as we work together to get Artemais ready.



Want to get out in the sun and make the most of summer? Get amongst Ignite as we do fun stuff together + answer the question we all ask: “how can I get and stay happy?” Hectic games, crazy challenges, don’t miss out!