Who are we?

We’re a contemporary, growing evangelical church eager to reach and serve our community.

The word “evangelical” just means that we take the Bible’s good news very seriously.  We believe that God speaks and reveals himself by His Spirit through His Word and so we’re committed to solid teaching from the scriptures week in and week out. 

Our Sunday gatherings are special times when our church family gather as one to hear what God has to say to us in the Bible. It’s always a time of encouragement and challenge leading to praise and glad service of God.

We also get to know each other over coffee afterwards. We build friendships and help each other live lives that truly honour the One who died for us. In many ways we’re a typical bunch of ‘coasties‘, doing our best to struggle with life’s issues. However, there is one thing that sets us apart. As Christians, we share the most profound experience imaginable. God has forgiven us of our wrongdoings on the basis of Jesus’ death on the cross, in our place, two thousand years ago!

This forgiveness enables us to lead new lives in Christ and establishes us as a part of God’s family, now and into eternity. All we do when we meet as a church grows out of this reality. It is truly life changing. It is a message we long to share.


Why not come and check out Grace Church Peninsula this Sunday?